The Fantastic Blog Hop: Conversations

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TODAY from 4:00pm til 6:00pm catch WRITE STARS:   Rachel Rueben, Karen Vaughan, Ruth Davis Hays, Crimson Kildare, Kat Marlow  Dellani Oakes, Juli Page Morgan, Stephanie Hussey, Kristen Duvall & Karina Gioertz LIVE on:


Join the WRITE STARS as they discuss themselves, their books and whatever else comes through the tea and/or coffee press OR CALL IN and ask a question.

Don’t forget the tour starts & the bus let’s out the first WRITE STAR on:  

August 15th

Visit each BLOG and FOLLOW the authors as they travel around:

Rachel Rueben:

Dellani Oakes:

Kristen Duvall:

Juli Morgan:

Karen Vaughan:

Stephanie Hussey: