Sully Erna ~ 5/13/2011

Sully Erna

Friday, May 13, 2011

Capital Center for the Arts, Concord, NH


“…a moment like tonight, a profound and transcendent experience, the feeling as if a door has opened, and it’s all because of that instrument, that incredible magical instrument.”

~ Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider

That quote perfectly sums up Sully Erna’s performance in Concord, NH from the Avalon Tour.  From the atmospheric ambiance of lit candles, to the melodic strains of the opening song Avalon, the bard, Sully Erna, and his band of merry minstrels:  Lisa Guyer, Tim Theriault, Chris Decato, Chris Lester, Irina Chirkova, Niall Gregory, and David Steffanelli, threw the misted, portal door wide open and allowed all to enter their magical world.  For a moment in time we were gifted with tribal beats, hypnotic cello, mesmerizing guitar, and spellbinding keyboards – each instrument and musician totally one.  Their thrilling, rhythmic notes stirred the bubbling cauldron of exhilarating excitement within each of us.

There were no mosh pits in Avalon, just a sense of beautiful peace and love.  One such tender, touching, beautiful moment occurred during My Light, a song dedicated to Sully’s daughter Skylar.  The video on-screen showed her growing up while her father sang from his heart about his love and dedication to her.  I sat misty-eyed.  As a parent it was extremely touching and when his daughter yelled out, “I love you daddy” – it was a true, poignant moment.  This was Sully’s softer side, a man showing his vulnerability to the masses through his amazing gift ~ song.

That’s not to say Sully doesn’t have a humorous side – he does.  During an amazing piano solo filled with classical moments that lifted ones spirit upwards, Erna momentarily paused, holding you in his grasp, then collected himself and softly began playing again, only now the strains were eerily familiar…the opening theme from the movie, Friday the 13th, the date and tune were not lost on the audience as soft laughter was heard before the cheers erupted.  The wry bard’s skill and finesse as well as humor were appreciated by all, as was the satirical grin that appeared on his face during that brief humorous moment.

The show ended on a high note with fans appreciating the only Godsmack song played, Serenity.  Two more familiar songs were played for the encore, The Chain and Hey Jude.  Sully explained that these two songs were about coming together and being connected through the wondrous sounds of music.  As the audience sang along to Hey Jude, I turned around and watched them; smiles lit the audience faces as they sang, one and all – la la lalalaaa lalalaaaaa … hey Jude.

When I turned back the bard and his merry minstrels began to stroll away, disappearing into the shadows of the night.  The musical chain had been weaved and the connection open, as was the door ~~ Sully left it open and the candles burning… Welcome to Avalon!




Sinners Prayer

Broken Road

Departed  (Lester’s Solo)

My Light

Cast Out

Until Then

The Rise

Eyes of a Child

7 Years

– – – – – – – – ENCORE  – – – – – – –


The Chain/Hey Jude


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