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Rock-n-roll paradise came with a price, and Jessie Morgan paid…with everything she had.


Jessie was looking for an escape away from the pain and sadness that ruled her miserable life after her family’s death. When her favorite rock band, Flux, comes to town Jessie can’t say no when singer, Chris Nickersen, wants her to join him on the tour and in his bed.

Jessie thought she had finally got what she’d been looking for: love, friendship, and family all in a rock-n-roll paradise. Instead, she found herself nursing black eyes and wounds to her heart and soul. Fed up with Chris’ lies and abuse Jessie leaves him.

Fraught with insecurity and a desperate need to belong, Jessie’s hopeful she’ll find her salvation in the one place she swore she’d never go back to…home.

*** WARNING – This story contains adult material and possible emotional triggers for readers with a history of abuse. ***



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