About S. A. Hussey

I live in a small coastal community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to the witch city of Salem. I have two beautiful and amazing daughters. I work full-time at a Pulmonary and Internal Medicine office and when I’m not there I’m writing, reading or listening to music. I love going to concerts and enjoy most genres of music, especially the blues and classic rock. Led Zeppelin stole my heart and their music makes my soul come alive. Reading is another passion. I love escaping into new worlds every day. My favorite is, The Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card. There’s something in the way the worlds were weaved and how the characters were brought to life. When I first read it my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to create and write, and I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping to raise my girls. Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own, and having a blast while doing it.

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Tidbit Thursday: Spiders and Threes

While you’re waiting for REMEMBRANCE to come out – I’ve decided to post info I learned and/or odd things that came up while writing the story. Hoping to post on Thursdays. So here we go with Tidbit Thursday.

I noticed lots of triplicates while working on the book. The number three weaved its way into my life and into the story. When I stopped working on the story the numbers seemed to go by the way side. And when I started writing on it again…you guessed it – 3’s. I found it odd and interesting. So besides being a number was there a universal meaning for it showing up? A spiritual one? Hmm…Hello, Google.triskele for wp

Turns out there is a universal meaning: Three is the first number to which the meaning “all” was given. It is the triad, as it contains the beginning, middle, and end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartite nature of the world as heaven, earth, and water. It is human as in body, soul, and spirit. It’s also in auld Celtic – land, sea, and skye. Interesting and kind of cool. So fast forward to now (because Remembrance has been hanging in the wind for several years), when I decided to split Remembrance and make two books out of it and write a third and final story for Remembrance, because there has to be a final end. But what do I title them? Hmm…oh, why not go with the auld Celtic elements: Land, Sea, and Skye. Remembrance will have 3 books. Book 1: Land of Memories. Book 2: Sea of Seasons. Book 3: Skye of Reckoning.

Also, just a few more things with three. Characters, Arianh Forest and Tiernan Knight both their names are 12 letters (first/last) and in numerology we would add it up: 1+2=3 Sulien (Aiden’s first name from the past) is 6 letters (can be divided by 3). Everywhere I seemed to go I saw 3, 6, or 9 or 12. It was an oddity to say the least.

I also saw spiders. Which as a writer, is a great omen. Spiders weave webs, writers weave stories. However, if you know me you know I’m not a fan of spiders. Having an allergy to them tends to make you not want them near you, no matter how fascinating a critter they may be. Like the three’s I was naturally curious as to whyspider they showed up every damn time I sat down at my desk to write. It was awful. Spiders have a place and it is NOT in my bedroom. So I went back to Google (a researching writers best friend). Was there a spiritual meaning behind spiders showing up while I wrote? And… yes, there is a meaning and a symbolic nature to them.

Spiders are an ancient symbol of mystery, power, and growth. The spider’s message is about light and darkness and the delicate balance between the two. As a spirit animal spider is considered the kick-starter to creativity. Spider is considered a communicator – writers typically have this animal as their totem. And, interestingly enough, in a lot of Native American stories, Grandmother Spider (as she is called) spins the web of time and knows all aspects of the future and past. And since Remembrance is all the past and future – I find this quite noteworthy.

It’s crazy how these things showed up while I wrote and disappeared when I stopped. And, since I started working on it again – they’ve showed back up and I keep seeing the Raven. That’s another story for another Thursday Tidbit. Until then.

Peace and Love my friends.


Stop the Madness…

Stop the madness and hand me a cup of coffee, a wine cooler, something.

I cannot believe it’s been 3 years since I last wrote in this blog. And, while I’d like to think everyone missed me, I know life went on without me here. At least the last thing I wrote was about meeting the one and only, Mr. Page, his sidekick, Ross Halfin, and the wonderful, Juli Page Morgan (who is smiling because her name is in the same sentence as Jimmy Page – did I mention we met him. WE. MET. HIM!)

jim and i

PROOF – That’s me and he’s signing my book.  (le sigh)


Three years gone and much has happened, but I won’t bore you with details, just a quickie:

First, the sad news…My beautiful grandmother passed away, and my beloved fairy cat, Gidget, went over the rainbow bridge in search of mice and such. I miss them both, think of them often, forever in my heart.

Now it’s time for the not-so-fabulous-news,-but-things-that-happened-that were-real-and-important: I got a new job, my daughter graduated from college, I traveled to Ireland, have another cat, and recently moved. Woo hoo. That’s awesome stuff right there, ain’t it?

Now onto some supreme, fab-a-licious news: I published a book. <Stop-pause-breathe-smile> I know right? I can’t believe it either. All that time I talked of it, wrote of it, worked on it. And it happened. Amazingly, it wasn’t even the book I talked of so much here on this blog. If you remember I put a halt on Remembrance (see this blog: Cleaning up da funk). At that time I had too. I was depressed with it. All those words and nothing. It was overwhelming.   When people tell you to write, write, write then shove the darn book in a drawer, in a closet, or even in a vault. Listen to them. They know of what they speak.

So in any event I started, finished, and published, ALL ACCESS.   It took some creative doing, a lot help from my writer friends, and many pots of coffee, but it’s officially out there to purchase. (and just sayin, you should buy it…no really, you should)


Buy it here:  Amazon

BUY IT!!  Please.   Thank you!

Future: Well, first things first. I’m going to resurrect this space here. It needs sprucing up – something fun and magical. And, with the help of friend, author, and wordpress guru, K. S. Thomas, it will happen. My second thing, I’m back at REMEMBRANCE. I know right? <shock, horror, smile-cuz-you-know-you-liked-the-excerpt-and-are-happy-I’m-working-on-it-again> It also needs sprucing, tweaking by the mighty rearranger. My goal is to get that done and ready for a spring/summer publish. It will see the light of day this year. After that, SOMETHING MAGIC, this way comes. I’m a few chapters in and it’s shaping up to be a great story. Especially, if you like rock stars, fairies, and magic. (who doesn’t, right?).

I’m glad to be back. Spread the word… Magic is back.

We’re off to see the Wizard

After eight plus years of kibitzing about Mr. Page, as well as about writing, I finally met author, Juli Page Morgan (www.JuliPageMorgan.com) last summer in Memphis. I invited her to come north and visit anytime but we never thought it would take place so soon. You got to hand it to those twisted sisters of fate for making it happen – sending rock god guitarist, Jimmy Page, to Boston to receive an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music, was quite smart. 🙂

Gold trumpets blew and a voice herald from on high with the news to Juli… (Alright I private messaged her on Facebook but its all relative.) Ecstatic, Juli told her husband Philip and get this… he GAVE HER HIS CREDIT CARD and said, “Go. Have fun.”  I know, right?  What husband gives a credit card to his wife and says here, go fly to Boston and find that man you’ve been lusting after for 38 years?  You da man Philip, you da man

Of course the visit wasn’t all about finding Jimmy Page.  Yeah yeah – laugh, chortle, guffaw all you want, it’s ok. {pause} You done?  Now as I was saying, Juli’s visit to Massachusetts wasn’t all about Mr. Page it was… … O.k.  Who am I kidding?   IT WAS!    IT SO WAS!!     And yanno what?

Jimmy Page and I – He’s signing my book w/the red marker


(man…that’s never going to get old)


Seriously, it was fantastic fun to show Juli around my neck of the woods…rather the scenic ocean drives and walkabouts from Revere Beach, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, Nahant, to a tad bit of sin city, Lynn, and even points further north to New Hampshire, we did ramble on.  I showed Juli visual scenes from parts of my new WIP, ALL ACCESS, that has scenes taking place in Nahant, Revere Beach, and Swampscott. We walked all over Salem, the Willows, and out to the pier, as well as out to the lighthouse. A good friend drove us in his convertible all around Marblehead taking us out to the neck and to the lighthouse for sunset pictures.

It was interesting to see someone take so many pictures of things I see every day AND be in awe. Juli had to remind me that all these historic places, homes, and beaches don’t exist down south in Arkansas; Salem, Massachusetts was a place in her history book that was taught to her about the witch trials and walking around Salem shelaughter learned it was so much more.  When she took a picture of a home built in the early 1600’s I chuckled, but she looked at me and said they don’t have anything this old where she lives. That was an eye opener for me as I sometimes forget about the history around here. I wish I could’ve showed her more. There are so many places we didn’t go… the castle, Rockport, Stonehenge in NH, the Kangamangus, the White Mountains. She’ll just have to come back is all, right?

Throughout the weekend we had a blast and most definitely remembered laughter.  And of course, Juli’s visit wouldn’t be complete unless an excursion into Boston was made, and we did go…twice.  The first day we followed the tulip-lined road (no yellow brick roads-sorry this city is old –it’s either cobblestoned, red brick or asphalt) through Boston Commons. We made way for ducklings, took pictures of the various odd trees, the nesting swans, the Swan Boats, and the dancing fog through the skyscrapers. Juli heard the church gongs, and I pointed out the Prudential building (before fog came) then we made our way to the Four Seasons to loiter linger about until it was time to head on over to the Agganis Arena at Boston University and lollygag. We did not have tickets for the Berklee performance, we went on the off chance we might “see” Mr. Page driving up or leaving.  Just to get a wave or even a nod in our direction would’ve made Juli and I squee in fan-girl delight. 

We had so much fun (and too much time on our hands) while waiting for the wizard to show up we joked and laughed and did this.

have youdunks possibility

I even did a video spoofing the girl who was looking for tickets in the movie from, The Song Remains the Samehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152130149082104&l=8290318791625676074

After all that frivolity our hard work paid off and we did “see” him after the show. We staked a spot out back on the grass and were rewarded with seeing the man in all his wizardry. That in itself was cool but we wanted to do one better. We decided it was imperative to have a drink in the oasis of the Four Seasons (because all the other bars and pubs along the route just wouldn’t cut it).  We didn’t see the wizard when we entered but we did see Valerie Simpson (another honorary doctorate recipient) there.   Ms. Juli left to use the facilities while drinks were ordered. Now here is where it gets interesting. Ms. Juli comes back flapping her arms like a bird in flight and fan-girling (aka squeeing) that the wizard was there in Oz eating (shrimp, fries, and salad) with the Guardian of the Emerald City aka Ross Halfin. (Seriously, no one expects to walk out of a bathroom and find Jimmy Page and Ross Halfin sitting at a table)  We proceeded to move our location so we were near but not too near (they needed privacy – not females wiping drool off their chin).  Of course, I needed to use the facilities and on my way back the wizard was still there, he looked right at me, smiled then nodded. Yeppers he sure did – he did the same for Juli. When he was leaving the area, he stood in the aisle in front of us nodded and smiled. ForJuli and I we were over the moon, it couldn’t get any better. But oh it did!  (I so LOVE those twisted sisters of fate)

We went back to Boston the next day as we thought we might see him at the hotel afterwards the commencement. We hung out a bit around the hotel then joined the group of fans out front (there was no one there the night before just saying).  Jimmy & Ross came out and peeps were told that as long as photos weren’t taken he’d sign autographs.  I sweat bullets thinking we might not be able to meet him but….we did.

I remember saying thank you to Jimmy (he smiled) as I handed him my pink book. He held a blue marker went to open it but stopped, he saw the red one in my hand and said, “Oh you’d like it singed in red wouldn’t you? Then he grinned. (Sigh)  I said, “oh it doesn’t matter.” He said, “No no you brought the red and it will look good in the pink book.”  I said ok. We swapped markers. He repeated my name 3 times and when he was done I went to hand him the blue marker back and he laughed (sigh) then grinned and said, “Oh that’s not mine.” I said you might need it then we had a moment with the markers each of us pulling on one. He grinned through it (sigh). He was very sweet, charming, soft spoken and attentive. The next girl, Kim (from Chicago), spoke to him – while he was talking to her I looked over and Ross was there. I cuffed Ross’ shoulder and said, “Hey Ross.” (cuz yanno I’m first name basis right) “I really love your travel photos. I’m a fan of your site and go on your facebook page all the time.” (Yep can we say stalker). Then I thanked him for sharing his photos with us fans. Juli said thank you to him as well, and next thing you know Ross went over to security and told them to cut the line off right after these girls (meaning us). When Ross moved I stood right next to Jimmy and held his arm (I have no idea why I did but I did and he didn’t shoo me away – fangirl moment-sigh). According to Juli when Ross came back and saw me in his spot, he looked at Juli then at me then back at Juli and semi rolled his eyes. Juli shrugged her shoulders in response BUT ROSS LET ME stay there.  That’s huge!

Juli’s turn was next and when she came up to Jimmy she wanted her phone signed. I had the markers so I gave him the red one and said this will look good.  He said, “oh no the blue one will look better.”  I said, “Nah the red one.”  He grinned and said, “No no the blue.”  He looked at us and grinned – Juli and I just sighed then said, “Ok.” (LOL-seriously we’d have jumped off the Tobin Bridge if he said to)

All in all he spoke to us for at least 10 minutes. When he left we followed him underneath the hotel awning, security wasn’t bothering us and Ross was in the hotel. I got to hold his arm again and walk with him.  Jimmy is the nicest person. I remembautographer saying thank you to him for coming out and signing things because he really didn’t have to. Kim had his other arm and asked if he’d allow a photo – he smiled and said he shouldn’t but would. Not sure why I didn’t think “selfie” but I took her camera because mine was dead and took some pictures of her. Before I had a chance to ask she gave him a kiss then security came back.

And, then it was done.  Juli and I actually met the Wizard and the Guardian.  How cool is that?

A BIG THANK YOU to Boston Street Photographers who took a few pictures when no one was the wiser.

My photo album:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/stephanie.hussey.750/media_set?set=a.10152133347057104.1073741839.599207103&type=3

Turning the Pages – March Madness Presents…S.A.Hussey

S.A. Hussey

Yours truly is today’s interview feature over on Turning the Pages – March Madness Presents…

Check it out here:   Turning the Pages


You’ll find all kinds of cool information about me through the interview like who my favorite indie authors are (and you should really check them out):  Juli Page Morgan, Debi Matlack,  Elizabeth Corva, and K. S. Thomas, as well as what my first job was and when my book, REMEMBRANCE, is coming out.


To get more excerpts about REMEMBRANCE, as well as my other stories, come on over and “like” my Facebook page:      S. A. Hussey, Author


Watch the book promo video here:   REMEMBRANCE


“Everybody has a past but not everyone has it come back to torment them 600 years later.”

2nd cover

Three lives entwined by vows, magic,  and love, ending in distrust, bitterness, and anger.  A spell cast, with dying breaths to bring them back to settle differences, rekindle the power of their friendship, and mend a broken heart.

The spell worked.

Now six hundred years later they are reunited. Can the trio work together to remember and bury the past and change what was, to what might be? Or, will they allow the pain of the past to dictate their futures?

They must hurry as the spell didn’t just bring them back.  It also brought back their executioner.  He knows they are alive and he wants them dead…again.




New Book Release


Author:   K.S. Thomas



              **ONLY 99 CENTS FOR A LIMITED TIME**



eBook:       http://amzn.com/B00IHRQBE2          OR         Paperback: http://amzn.com/1495914852 


Book Synopsis: 

Tritonia ‘Salty’ Casavant has spent her entire life out at sea on her parents’ sailboat. Raised by a marine biologist and her mother’s extended family of modern day pirates, her perception of the world isn’t exactly normal.

Now a single mother herself and living alone on the boat her parents left her, she enjoys her private paradise as she cruises back and forth between the Islands of Hawaii.

Everything changes when a local gang begins using her strip of ocean as a dumping ground for smuggled drugs and firearms. Soon Salty is in the middle of an all-out turf war she inadvertently started and the only way out is through Detective Finn Murphy.


As the challenger approached, it became apparent that Chick was bringing visitors. Salty frowned as she spotted two haoles standing at the helm. Even from where she was positioned she could tell that they were cops. Given her life experience, she knew the type inside and out. Then, having written those characters a hundred times over in her stories as the antagonists and the nature of the heroine in her novels, it was hard for Salty to muster any warm fuzzy feelings at the sight of the two police men as they pulled up beside her sailboat.

From the look on Chick’s face, she could tell that he wasn’t thrilled either, although those feelings were probably partially directed at her now that he had likely discovered Amaui’s identity.  Regardless of the reason, the strangers’ presence seemed to be a necessary evil for the time being, so Salty made her way to the stern and waited for Hani to toss her a rope. Once the speedboat had been securely rafted off the Salty Kisses, all four of the men aboard the A’ole Aina found themselves standing on Salty’s front step.           

“Salty, this is Lieutenant Pierce and Detective Murphy. They’re colleagues of Detective Mahelona’s.” Chick made a face as he said Amaui’s name.

“That’s nice. Why the hell did you bring them here?” Salty replied, completely ignoring the two men wearing badges.

“Because we asked him to,” Lieutenant Pierce interjected. “Ms. Casavant, you were witness to a crime. We were hoping you could recount the events that took place the night you met Detective Mahelona for us.”

Salty eyed the man from top to bottom. He was almost as tall as Chick, but considerably leaner. His hazel eyes had a youthfulness about them, but the flecks of grey he had spread throughout his hair and goatee had Salty gauge him to be at least in his early forties, forty-five at the most. Even though he was a white guy, he had the distinct look of someone who had lived on the islands for a very long time. With his loosely fit grey cargo pants and navy blue polo shirt it was about as lax a uniform as you could find. Not uncommon for Hawaii though. Pierce’s partner, on the other hand was as much of an outsider as the tourists who trampled the beaches year after year, season after season.

Murphy was shorter than Pierce with dirty blond hair and blue eyes that matched the surrounding waters. He was stocky and muscular and wore his black pants and fitted blue button up shirt nicely. The sleeves had been rolled up, but that was the only indication Murphy gave that he was aware of the summer climate and its accompanying 83 degrees.

Salty glanced back and forth between the two one last time, trying to decide whom she would rather deal with, when she heard Murphy mutter, “This is a complete waste of time.”

“Whose time is that exactly, Detective?” Salty demanded.

“Ours. We should be out following real leads, not wasting our time taking boat rides out to see some modern day pirate princess who’s probably been out at sea for so long she no longer has a real grasp on reality!” Detective Murphy ranted at her.

While Salty had been sizing up the two officers, Murphy had apparently done the same with her. Judging from his little speech, he hadn’t been too impressed with what he’d seen. Maybe it had been the fact that she was barefoot and wearing nothing more than her standard shorts and bikini top. Or perhaps it had been the sight of her tattoos which spanned the greater part of her body. Salty had to take a mental account of what her hair might look like at that very moment. She had washed and brushed it just that morning, but the ocean air and constant breeze wreaked havoc on her long brown locks, and most days Salty found herself staring at a wild woman anytime she came face to face with her reflection. She never bothered with make-up, but her permanent golden tan, sparkling green eyes and wind burned red lips had made it unnecessary anyway.

“What are you doing, Finn? You can’t just insult these people!” Pierce sounded appalled as he scolded his partner. He turned to Chick and Salty, looking mortified. “I am so sorry. Please, let me apologize for Detective Murphy.”

Salty was starring daggers at Finn Murphy and he was locked onto her returning fire.

“No, I agree with your partner. This was a complete waste of your time. You should go.” She turned on her heel and began to walk away. “For what it’s worth, this wasn’t the first drop the Kakumei have made. I’ve counted at least seven, always between the hours of midnight and 2am. By sunrise some local fishing boat comes tugging along to retrieve the shipment. It’s never the same boat, but twice I noticed they had the same colors. I was never close enough to make out any lettering, but I could still give a pretty good description if I needed to.” Salty didn’t know what had possessed her to divulge all of that. Probably the part where that idiot Murphy had implied that she was crazy and incompetent. It’s not like he could have known that it would strike a chord with her, but it had…and not in a good way.

So much for not getting involved, she thought. She could already feel Chick’s glare burning through the bare skin of her back and she reached up absentmindedly to rub the spot.

“How do you know it was the Kakumei?” Murphy asked.          

“For starters, I’m not an idiot. Just because I don’t spend my time on land doesn’t mean I don’t know what happens there. It’s all about perspective, haole. When you’re standing directly in front of a tree, all you can see is that tree’s bark. But, if you back away a bit, you start to see the entire forest…or, as it is in my case, the entire island.” Salty was slowly meandering back over to where the men stood. “Look, if you don’t believe me, send a dive team out. Last week they made a drop. Three times I heard something hit the water, but the next day the crew only pulled out two shipments. I’m guessing whatever else they dumped is still sitting at the bed of the ocean in hopes of never being found.”

The officers exchanged a glance. Both Chick and Salty noticed.

“What?” Salty asked. “You already know what it is, don’t you?”

“Eric Choy’s father went missing ten days ago. He’s been a prominent player in the business world for many years, not just on the island but internationally. We think his shipping company may have been compromised somewhere along the way…and we think the Kakumei had something to do with it,” Pierce expounded stepping forward.

“That explains what they were doing with Eric. How did Detective Mahelona end up in the mix?” Salty wasn’t even sure why she wanted to know. If nothing else it was potential material for her next novel.

“Amaui’s his girlfriend. It was just an unlucky coincidence that she was there when they grabbed him,” said Murphy. Pierce shot him a look suggesting he zip it, but Murphy just shrugged and said, “What? Now we’re not disclosing important information regarding our highly sensitive, open investigation? My mistake. I was just following your lead, buddy.” For the first time since meeting Finn Murphy, Salty had to fight back a smile.

“Anyway,” Pierce continued, “any information you can give us regarding that night, or any others involving these ‘drops’ would be greatly appreciated.”

Salty twisted her mouth from side to side as she mulled it over, purposely avoiding eye contact with Chick as she did so. Finally she said, “I’ll tell you whatever I can, but honestly I don’t see how any of it will help. I mean, sure, I can identify boats, but not people. I doubt any of my information will trump what Amaui already knows.”

“That might be less than you think,” Murphy said, shaking his head and turning away. Neither he nor Pierce elaborated on it any further.

So, Salty began to recount everything that had happened, starting with the first night she had heard the plane down to the night she pulled Amaui and Eric from the water. She was sure not to leave out even the tiniest of details, not because she wanted to be thorough, but because she simply couldn’t help herself. Details in descriptions had become a hazard of the job a long time ago. Even Finn Murphy seemed pleased with everything she was able to give them.

“That was incredibly meticulous. Are you sure you don’t have a background in law enforcement?” he joked.

Salty snorted. “Not exactly. I write about a lot of cops in my books though.”

Chick chuckled.

“Why’s that funny?” Murphy asked.

“Because the cops I write about aren’t exactly the most observant. They can’t be. I mean, it wouldn’t work very well for my heroine if they were stellar members of the force,” Salty explained. She knew she wasn’t coming off well, but then Murphy and Pierce had to have known when they were coming on board that they wouldn’t be held in the highest regard. Cops and pirates just didn’t mix.

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Va-squeeze and the Chooie Woo

Odd title, huh?   Yeah such has been my week but it did end good.  As always twas filled with much laughter and my friends helped me out on that.  I have some pretty awesome ones at that.

In between my day job and nights of kids/home and working on ALL ACCESS I’ve been going over REMEMBRANCE (once again).   I wanted to do some house cleaning on it as there’s still a few cobwebs there.  Now my story, REMEMBRANCE, holds a wonderful character named Vaz, or rather his full name is, Michael Vasquez, and he’s ummm…he’s quite the stand out character.   This week I heard a cute story by my coworker about something her young son Anthony said.  He happened to see a name on an envelope and the person’s last name was Vasquez, only he said it as Va-squeeze.   This tickled my funny bone so much that I knew it needed to be included in REMEMBRANCE.  I hunted through the story to find just the right spot that I can work that reference in, and I do believe I found it.  Va-squeeze indeed.

shout out

Big shout out to: Anthony Carvino for his cuteness and misspeak.

I love music (who doesn’t) and a good friend of mine went to see a Lou Reed tribute show the other night.  Well we were online in chat discussing some new music I came across and she began telling me about the show she saw.  Somehow we ended up discussing people and how they dress.   This is a smidgeon of our online chat:

HER:   You wanna know who is bad ass? This woman who sang the song, VICIOUS by Lou Reed. Holy Shizz, she belted it out and had a good edge factor going too.  But she was awesome and very properly dressed,  not slutty, just rocker cool.

ME:   Yeah.  That is bad ass.  I love it when they are a “rocker chick” chic not “show your yaya and hoochies and call it a manufacturer defect” chic.

HER:  You crack me up – who ha’s, yaya’s, hoochies, and chooie woos … love that woman humor!

ME:    LOL    chooie woos?   I LOVE IT   A character in the story must somehow say chooie woos.

I know exactly where chooie woos will be inserted in ALL ACCESS too.  Have the scene outlined as well.   I love odd-ball words and this is definitely one of them.  Now that I think of it. I may have to put the word shizz in there too.  Hmm.  I kind of like that one.

So there you have it.  Va-Squeeze and the Chooie Woo + Shizz.

Have you come across some oddball words that made you laugh when you heard them but now you find yourself using them?    Share them with me.

C’mon you know you wanna.

It’s time for a resolution…



I know I’m late on the well wishes (sigh) but better late than never I always say.   I have a perfectly good reason but it’s moot now.   All is good.  I’m on and I’m blogging.  woot woot

And I have a question.  resolution

Do people still make resolutions?

I mean, this is when one usually makes them, right?

People usually ask me what my resolutions are but I’ve begun noticing this trend, especially now that I’m getting a tad (yes I said a tad) older..nobody asks me anymore.

Perhaps it’s because I used to do resolutions but stopped when I realized that come January 3rd or 4th I was already breaking what I proclaimed I wouldn’t.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have willpower, I did.   I had determination…grit.  The want.  The need.  I lacked motivation and needed inspiration to keep going.

That’s when I hit upon lifethis novel idea to not make it a New Year resolution.   I quit smoking on an icky cold March day four years ago.   I just picked a day, marked the calendar, and prepared.   Yes, it was rough, those first few days were awful.  But I knew it would be.  I did the research.  I warned everyone (to stay far away) and every day it got a little easier.  I learned not to beat myself up for sliding backwards.  It happens but you move forward and before you know it you’ve attained the goal.  Smoking was a big hurdle but I did it.

This year I’ve made no resolutions.  I just want to enjoy life with all its ups and down.

What I have made are intentions.  This is the year I plan to release two books, YES TWO.   If I’m good and my beta readers don’t red ink me too much maybe, just maybe, GASP a third.   Good things are coming.   2014 is a magical year and well, I believe in magic.

Now, I suppose if I had to make one resolution it would be: less web time.


So tell me…Did YOU make a resolution?  What was it?  C’mon you can tell me, I won’t laugh.  Well, I might giggle but it will be more of snerk kind of thing.  Unless…well we’ll cross that bridge.

Bring it on 2014…Bring it on!