About Me


Author Bio:

S. A. Hussey is a freelance writer, author, and published poet.  She writes on occasion for Bluebird Reviews a web-based music review site, and has had two poems published in anthology books.  Ms. Hussey takes part in on-line critique and writers groups.  She continues to write and is working on another story for a 2016 release, REMEMBRANCE.

Author Personal:

Ms. Hussey lives in a small coastal community just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and very close to the witch city of Salem.  She has two amazing and beautiful daughters, Sara and Lauren, and a cat named Rizzoli who will “cut you” with his love.  She is a full-time billing manager for a local hospital and when she’s not there she’s writing, reading or listening to music.

She enjoys a good concert and writes music reviews for this website, as well as does freelance articles/reviews for an amazing fan-based music website, Blue Bird Reviews.  Stephanie enjoys most genres of music but the blues and classic rock are her favorites, especially Led Zeppelin – they stole her heart and make her soul come alive and dance.

Reading is another passion.  Ms. Hussey loves escaping into new worlds every day.  Her all-time favorite story is, The Songmaster, by Orson Scott Card.  “There’s something in the way he weaved those worlds, and how the characters were brought to life.  When I first read it, my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to do that.  I wanted to create and write, and I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping only to raise my girls.  Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own and having a blast while doing it.”

Enjoy the site.