We’re off to see the Wizard

After eight plus years of kibitzing about Mr. Page, as well as about writing, I finally met author, Juli Page Morgan (www.JuliPageMorgan.com) last summer in Memphis. I invited her to come north and visit anytime but we never thought it would take place so soon. You got to hand it to those twisted sisters of fate for making it happen – sending rock god guitarist, Jimmy Page, to Boston to receive an honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music, was quite smart. 🙂

Gold trumpets blew and a voice herald from on high with the news to Juli… (Alright I private messaged her on Facebook but its all relative.) Ecstatic, Juli told her husband Philip and get this… he GAVE HER HIS CREDIT CARD and said, “Go. Have fun.”  I know, right?  What husband gives a credit card to his wife and says here, go fly to Boston and find that man you’ve been lusting after for 38 years?  You da man Philip, you da man

Of course the visit wasn’t all about finding Jimmy Page.  Yeah yeah – laugh, chortle, guffaw all you want, it’s ok. {pause} You done?  Now as I was saying, Juli’s visit to Massachusetts wasn’t all about Mr. Page it was… … O.k.  Who am I kidding?   IT WAS!    IT SO WAS!!     And yanno what?

Jimmy Page and I – He’s signing my book w/the red marker


(man…that’s never going to get old)


Seriously, it was fantastic fun to show Juli around my neck of the woods…rather the scenic ocean drives and walkabouts from Revere Beach, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott, Nahant, to a tad bit of sin city, Lynn, and even points further north to New Hampshire, we did ramble on.  I showed Juli visual scenes from parts of my new WIP, ALL ACCESS, that has scenes taking place in Nahant, Revere Beach, and Swampscott. We walked all over Salem, the Willows, and out to the pier, as well as out to the lighthouse. A good friend drove us in his convertible all around Marblehead taking us out to the neck and to the lighthouse for sunset pictures.

It was interesting to see someone take so many pictures of things I see every day AND be in awe. Juli had to remind me that all these historic places, homes, and beaches don’t exist down south in Arkansas; Salem, Massachusetts was a place in her history book that was taught to her about the witch trials and walking around Salem shelaughter learned it was so much more.  When she took a picture of a home built in the early 1600’s I chuckled, but she looked at me and said they don’t have anything this old where she lives. That was an eye opener for me as I sometimes forget about the history around here. I wish I could’ve showed her more. There are so many places we didn’t go… the castle, Rockport, Stonehenge in NH, the Kangamangus, the White Mountains. She’ll just have to come back is all, right?

Throughout the weekend we had a blast and most definitely remembered laughter.  And of course, Juli’s visit wouldn’t be complete unless an excursion into Boston was made, and we did go…twice.  The first day we followed the tulip-lined road (no yellow brick roads-sorry this city is old –it’s either cobblestoned, red brick or asphalt) through Boston Commons. We made way for ducklings, took pictures of the various odd trees, the nesting swans, the Swan Boats, and the dancing fog through the skyscrapers. Juli heard the church gongs, and I pointed out the Prudential building (before fog came) then we made our way to the Four Seasons to loiter linger about until it was time to head on over to the Agganis Arena at Boston University and lollygag. We did not have tickets for the Berklee performance, we went on the off chance we might “see” Mr. Page driving up or leaving.  Just to get a wave or even a nod in our direction would’ve made Juli and I squee in fan-girl delight. 

We had so much fun (and too much time on our hands) while waiting for the wizard to show up we joked and laughed and did this.

have youdunks possibility

I even did a video spoofing the girl who was looking for tickets in the movie from, The Song Remains the Samehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152130149082104&l=8290318791625676074

After all that frivolity our hard work paid off and we did “see” him after the show. We staked a spot out back on the grass and were rewarded with seeing the man in all his wizardry. That in itself was cool but we wanted to do one better. We decided it was imperative to have a drink in the oasis of the Four Seasons (because all the other bars and pubs along the route just wouldn’t cut it).  We didn’t see the wizard when we entered but we did see Valerie Simpson (another honorary doctorate recipient) there.   Ms. Juli left to use the facilities while drinks were ordered. Now here is where it gets interesting. Ms. Juli comes back flapping her arms like a bird in flight and fan-girling (aka squeeing) that the wizard was there in Oz eating (shrimp, fries, and salad) with the Guardian of the Emerald City aka Ross Halfin. (Seriously, no one expects to walk out of a bathroom and find Jimmy Page and Ross Halfin sitting at a table)  We proceeded to move our location so we were near but not too near (they needed privacy – not females wiping drool off their chin).  Of course, I needed to use the facilities and on my way back the wizard was still there, he looked right at me, smiled then nodded. Yeppers he sure did – he did the same for Juli. When he was leaving the area, he stood in the aisle in front of us nodded and smiled. ForJuli and I we were over the moon, it couldn’t get any better. But oh it did!  (I so LOVE those twisted sisters of fate)

We went back to Boston the next day as we thought we might see him at the hotel afterwards the commencement. We hung out a bit around the hotel then joined the group of fans out front (there was no one there the night before just saying).  Jimmy & Ross came out and peeps were told that as long as photos weren’t taken he’d sign autographs.  I sweat bullets thinking we might not be able to meet him but….we did.

I remember saying thank you to Jimmy (he smiled) as I handed him my pink book. He held a blue marker went to open it but stopped, he saw the red one in my hand and said, “Oh you’d like it singed in red wouldn’t you? Then he grinned. (Sigh)  I said, “oh it doesn’t matter.” He said, “No no you brought the red and it will look good in the pink book.”  I said ok. We swapped markers. He repeated my name 3 times and when he was done I went to hand him the blue marker back and he laughed (sigh) then grinned and said, “Oh that’s not mine.” I said you might need it then we had a moment with the markers each of us pulling on one. He grinned through it (sigh). He was very sweet, charming, soft spoken and attentive. The next girl, Kim (from Chicago), spoke to him – while he was talking to her I looked over and Ross was there. I cuffed Ross’ shoulder and said, “Hey Ross.” (cuz yanno I’m first name basis right) “I really love your travel photos. I’m a fan of your site and go on your facebook page all the time.” (Yep can we say stalker). Then I thanked him for sharing his photos with us fans. Juli said thank you to him as well, and next thing you know Ross went over to security and told them to cut the line off right after these girls (meaning us). When Ross moved I stood right next to Jimmy and held his arm (I have no idea why I did but I did and he didn’t shoo me away – fangirl moment-sigh). According to Juli when Ross came back and saw me in his spot, he looked at Juli then at me then back at Juli and semi rolled his eyes. Juli shrugged her shoulders in response BUT ROSS LET ME stay there.  That’s huge!

Juli’s turn was next and when she came up to Jimmy she wanted her phone signed. I had the markers so I gave him the red one and said this will look good.  He said, “oh no the blue one will look better.”  I said, “Nah the red one.”  He grinned and said, “No no the blue.”  He looked at us and grinned – Juli and I just sighed then said, “Ok.” (LOL-seriously we’d have jumped off the Tobin Bridge if he said to)

All in all he spoke to us for at least 10 minutes. When he left we followed him underneath the hotel awning, security wasn’t bothering us and Ross was in the hotel. I got to hold his arm again and walk with him.  Jimmy is the nicest person. I remembautographer saying thank you to him for coming out and signing things because he really didn’t have to. Kim had his other arm and asked if he’d allow a photo – he smiled and said he shouldn’t but would. Not sure why I didn’t think “selfie” but I took her camera because mine was dead and took some pictures of her. Before I had a chance to ask she gave him a kiss then security came back.

And, then it was done.  Juli and I actually met the Wizard and the Guardian.  How cool is that?

A BIG THANK YOU to Boston Street Photographers who took a few pictures when no one was the wiser.

My photo album:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/stephanie.hussey.750/media_set?set=a.10152133347057104.1073741839.599207103&type=3


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