I’ve got nothing

Well, not entirely nothing. I do have two books written waiting to be edited (3 if you count that story I wrote way back when). I also have the WIP of New Avalon. So, I do have something but…I have a whole of nothing going on.

I should be editing Remembrance, seriously since I gave up 2 years writing it – you’d think I’d be more motivated to get it done, out the door and into an agent’s hands. It’s not that I don’t want that to happen, it’s just that well…I got nothing. I pick up the printed version, read some, fix a couple of typo’s then stare blankly. I have no idea what to do, well I do but I’ve got nothing. Aiden refuses to talk, and since I’m editing in linear fashion if he doesn’t talk and tell me his story well… nothing happens.

So I put it aside, and go to my NaNo story, Seren’s Angel. I love this story the way it is but know that I have to add wordage if I ever want to see it go anywhere, but every time I look at the printed or computerized story – I’ve got nothing, and it’s disheartening.

I decided to write a new tale so when I had nothing on the others I could still write, use the creative noggin. I am so loving this new story and where it’s going but I stopped on that as well. Oh I have creative ideas and words spinning in my head for New Avalon, but when I sit down…I get a case of the editing guilts, and it stilts the creative flow, crimps the mojo and makes my muse shake her head and run for the hills.

So lets recap. I have a character that won’t speak, another story that needs more than I can give right now, and a WIP begging to be written but a case of the guilts shreds the desire. Hmmm yep that sums it up.

I spose I have to bite the bullet and kick Aiden’s ass. Skip over him – maybe give more wordage to Tiernan – make Aiden jealous (and he’s easily made jealous). I have to do something, anything…cuz I need more than what I have right now which is… nothing.


3 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. you're descriptions of 'nothing' are intriguing … good writing no matter what the topic … maybe you can write about your characters' silence … good luck.

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