Happy June

Ok so it’s June… I forewarned everyone I am awful at keeping a journal. Honestly, I just forgot about this page, I’ve been busy since getting back from the trip. Which, b/t/w was very fun. I worried over nothing – the family behaved. Only had 1 incident with youngest child, so all in all great fun and would highly recommend a fun in the sun cruise.

I am still working on my story and have made it to Chapter 20 thus far. woo hoo! Me and my crazy life and I am still finding time to write. I promised myself I would work on it each night, whether it was editing or writing, I assured myself I would do that AND I was doing well up until two weeks ago. Health crisis. blah I was so exhausted and feeling cruddy I just could not drag myself to the computer. Someday this brilliant novel will finally reach its end. Someday

Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday. She turned 17! Hard to believe 1 more year she will be graduating and then college. waaaah! 😦 Exciting times but makes me sad, even though she drives me crazy sometimes – I still find it hard that my baby is all grown up. Happy Birthday Sara!

Well now I blogged – so I feel better. Now I am off to write on the WIP.


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